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Tragedy for millions people

The war in Ukraine is an unspeakable tragedy for millions of people and in light of such horrific, unprecedented events, it is hard to stay neutral.
People have no electricity, they are in desperate need of medicine, food and other essentials. In particular, there is an extreme shortage of medical supplies, generators and ambulances.

The situation is simply desperate. Every single bandage, every first aid kit and every mode of transportation matters.
We can never do too much when it comes to helping save lives.

With some hospital facilities destroyed or not in use due to the imminent threat of attack and a growing number of people requiring urgent medical attention, doctors across the country are pleading for any help they can get.

Our story

Our movement was born on Friday 25th February as a united response to the outrageous news that shocked the world just two days before that. It started with a selfless act of kindness of just one man, Alex, one of our friends, who bought an ambulance vehicle at his own expense to send to Ukraine. He started to fill it with clothes, long shelf life products and medication. His initiative quickly spread across the community in the South-west London. We also sent an appeal to a wider community for donations and dry food/clothes people could spare.

In the first two days alone we had raised thousands and collected few truckloads of people’s generous donations, which have reached the Ukrainian borders within days.

Overwhelmed with such a response, we launched the Medical Life Lines Ukraine campaign. Our crowdfunding initiative started on a JustGiving platform which focused exclusively on medical supplies, equipment and ambulances and aimed to raise wider public support.

We have so far delivered 52 ambulances to such destinations as Kyiv City Hospital, Mykhailovsky Hospital, Boryspil neonatal centre, Okhmatdyt Children’s Perinatal, Poltava, Chernihiv hospitals, Medical Plaza centre in Dnipro, Pervomaisk in Kharkiv region, Odessa emergencies services, Lviv, Kharkiv A&E, Pobuzhie Children’s, Artziz district hospital, Elderly home in Kirovograd region, 6 hospitals in Sumy region, 4 hospitals in Kherson region, 2 hospitals in Lviv and others.

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